Railing FAQ's

1: Where do I order or get product information?

All customer support & sales are handled in-house. Simply fill out a contact form or call us at 1-888-739-6172.

2: What is the typical process for placing an order?


  1. Submit a drawing of your deck showing all outside dimensions along with any stair rise and run dimensions. A design sheet is available in the download page.
  2. We will generate a quote and make any necessary changes.
  3. Once satisfied, we will need to sign the quote along with a 50% deposit to place the order. Once received, we will schedule and generate approval drawings.
  4. Once all changes have been made to the approval drawings, we require a signed copy of the drawings to generate our manufacturing drawings.
  5. We typically schedule the manufacturing lead time at 1 week.
  6. Once complete, we will charge the balance of the order. Shipping times typically range from 1-6 days in the US and Canada.

3: How long does it take to receive my order after it is placed?

Delivery times can vary because all of our orders are custom built to your specifications. Most residential orders can ship within 2-3 weeks after the approval drawings are finalized.

4: How are orders shipped?

Our preferred shipping is with Roadway or AAA Cooper. When your railing system is shipped, the carrier will call you 24 hours before delivery to schedule a time. It is the customer’s responsibility to unload the truck. We box all components for easy removal. Small items are with UPS.

5: Will I need any other materials for installation?

Our standard railing systems come complete including hardware. Only basic hand tools are needed.

6: What railing heights are available?

Railing heights are available in either 36" or 42" tall. Custom heights are also available.

7: How far can I span between railing post?

The maximum span between post is 6’ for standard railings and 8’ for the Traditional line of railings.

8: What colors are available?

Our stock colors are White, Light Gray, Buckskin, Golden Clay, Burnished Slate, Black, Bronze and Silver. Click here for samples.

9: What about custom colors?

We do offer custom colors on a limited basis. Please contact us for additional cost.

10: What are your advantages over other railing companies?

We specialize in custom building your railings for your application. Most other companies will provide you with full length materials & basic instructions so you do all the fabrication. We provide you with CAD drawings of your deck showing all materials, lengths, & locations, then we produce your railings to the drawings. A simple screw and snap together assembly!

11: Does it cost extra for the custom design?

No, we consider the custom design and CAD drawings a service any customer should receive for a project of this nature. It helps insure there are no problems with the orders placed, the materials received, and with our design recommendations it ensures you receive a railing system that will be installed correctly and safely.

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