Coolbreeze™ Aluminum Pergolas Profiles and Specs

Pergola Profiles

Aluminum Pergola Components

Material Specs


  • Material: 6005-T5 aluminum. 35,000 psi yield strength
    *1,000 psi average for composite and vinyl materials

  • Finish: SuperDurable high-density polyester powder coat.

  • Salt Spray Resistance: Meets or exceeds specs AAMA 2604

  • Outdoor Exposure: South Florida, meets or exceeds specs AAMA 2604

  • Stain Resistance: Excellent

  • Dirt Resistance: Excellent

  • Mar Resistance: Good

  • Re-coatability: Good

  • Fire Ratings: Class A - Flame spread value of "0" - *100 average for composite materials

Patent Pending