Fireproof Aluminum Products


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Aluminum is one of the safest materials for building an outdoor living space. Due to its metallic properties, Nexan’s aluminum products are non-combustible and will not emit any toxic fumes when exposed to high temperatures. In the unfortunate case of a fire on your property, your aluminum decking, railings and fencing are fireproof — adding peace of mind and safety for your home.

News reports, much like the one below, are frequent accidents that could be avoided by using aluminum decking, railing or fencing products:

“The fire, discovered by a neighbor, started on the rear deck of a townhome on Winthrop Lane in the Villages of Urbana around 10 p.m. Sunday. The Frederick County Office of the Fire Marshal said hot briquettes in a charcoal grill ignited a wooden deck, quickly spreading to other homes. Five families were displaced in the fire that not only consumed the homes, but also killed three pets and destroyed belongings.”


  • Nexan’s Aluminum Products have a Class “A” Fire Rating

    Fire ratings are developed by independent, non-profit companies to measure the ability of home products to resist fires. Resistance ratings are earned by the physical properties of the materials as well as by installation as recommended by the manufacturer. Class A is considered the highest level of protection, affording a high degree of fire protection. Aluminum products are not likely to generate excessive burning flames nor shards of material; they are designed to maintain their position following a fire occurrence.


  • Nexan’s Aluminum Products have a Flame Spread of “0”

    Flame Spread measures a material’s propensity to burn with excessive heat and to spread flames. On most scales, materials are rated from 0 to 100 for their likelihood to spread flames; ratings under 25 are considered best-in-class. Our aluminum products have the lowest possible rating on the scale and do not contribute to flame spread.


  • Nexan’s Aluminum Products Have a Smoke Index of “5”

    A Smoke-Developed Index (SDI) measures materials for smoke development in the presence of fire and excessive heat. The scale ranges from 0 to 100, with Red Oak fixed at a rating of 100. Most building materials are required to be at a rating of 25 or less. Our aluminum products have an almost negligible rating of 5 on the Smoke-Developed Index.